A new 'Meeting Maura' experience (by Ashley Jacoby)

New York April 6th. 2013

I was with some friends doing what we normally did when we hung out together, which was meet as many stars as we could.  Its a hobby of mine and that's where I met some of my friends.  Some of my friends wanted to get Tom Hanks at his show Lucky Guy.  I didn't care so I went along.  I started walking around the theatre (outside of course) and saw the poster for the show.  I noticed I knew some of the stars from other projects that I have seen in movies and television.  I especially noticed Maura Tierney and I went "holy shit I have to meet her".  So I waited with my friends who I later on got separated from for about 3 hours or so.  

It wasn't a bad wait especially when you're used to waiting for long periods of time. When the play let out it was chaos. People were lining up all over the place and we were put in these barricades.  I was closest to the street so I got to see the amount of people who came out just to see the cast.  It got so chaotic that the cops had to basically close the street for certain vehicles.  It was just madness but quite entertaining.  

Luckily I got to talking with some people near me.  There was this one guy who said he had a crush on Maura Tierney when she was on News Radio.  I of course said I'll try and get you a date.  I had heard previously that Maura was hard to get because she blended into the crowd.  Luckily I had the perfect place to see her.  She literally walked out on the side I was in and when I saw her I started screaming like an idiot.  I didn't care if I was pissing anyone off at that time because all I cared about was meeting Maura Tierney and getting that picture with her.  

She finally came over and I kept signing in ASL "you're gorgeous".  Ironically every time I signed it she looked down.  So I kept good to my promise.  I tried to see if I could get the guy next to me a date.  Sadly didn't happen but she got a good laugh out of it.  

I said I wanted a picture and we had a 30 second conversation how we wanted the picture.  Either her alone or with me and  I was like girl I want you in the photo with me. So we took and I looked at the photo and I was like oh my god it came out bad.  So I knew I had to retake so I begged her cause I was nervous she might have just walked away but thankfully she was totally cool about it and let me take another.  I may have lost my neck in the photo and we both look like two floating heads, but I don't care and now that picture is my facebook profile picture.  And now I hope to see her again and have the cast of Lucky Guy sign my rubber chicken named Willis.

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 I'm so happy that someone finally shared another meeting Maura story with other fans. Thank you very much for this Ashley. I really enjoyed it and wish you good luck in getting your rubber chicked signed Lachen

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