More quotes

OK Here are some more quotes and conversations:

On Friday when we told her we were coming back the next day to see the play again: I'll mix it up a bit for you.

When Suzze was about to have her picture taken with Maura, Ingrid said: Strike a pose!  LOL

Ingrid brought a dutch magazine 'Glossy' to sign.  That's my old house. Yeah, it's an old magazine from 2007. Yeah, that's old.

I was wearing an orange sweater. She touched my sleeve and kept staring at it: Oh, that's nice. I love that color.

When we gave her the Irish flag, with our message for her on it she said : That's a good idea since this is where You all met. Stephen said that he used the flag on St. Patrick's Day so she shouldn't get to close because it might still have an alcohol smell. Suzze said: so don't smell it. She laughed and said something like: "OK i won't blow my nose in it. She didn't mind that it had been used on St. paddys. We think she just found our gift even more great.

OK I'm off for a holiday now, but I promise I'll upload more pictures when I get back Knipogen


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