God of Carnage and meeting Maura

OK, I realise most people are interested in  the 'seeing and meeting Maura' part so I'll restrict to that Knipogen .

So we went to the play twice, on Friday and Saturday (the final performance)

I remember feeling the tension when we were walking to the theatre all together. Everyone was extremely excited.  We were all like ohh and ahh when we climbed the stairs to the entrance and our knees where shaking when we were heading for the very first row of the theatre. We were so close to the stage we could actually drool on it Lachen

The play was really awesome, funny, hilarious even. My English isn't good enough to write a good review but Stephen did write a great recap of it.

I can give you a little bit of extra information though. Mauras famous vomiting scene didn't go quite as planned on Friday and both Donna and Maura really lost it. Maura was lucky she had this bowl, where she was supposed to vomit in, but in stead she could also use it to hide her face when she was laughing. On Saturday, in the bar after the play, I talked to Donna and asked her what went wrong. 
Maura had this tube in her sleeve through which the 'vomit' was supposed to project when Donna activated it. But Donna did this a bit too late and the vomit didn't come when it was supposed to and, a few seconds later, when maura didn't expect it anymore, it did come, but she then blocked the tube exit a little bit, so the vomit was sprayed all over her husband.
We all realised something had not gone the way it was planned, and seeing the cast loose it, made it even more fun. We were all laughing hysterically.
And then on Saturday, the vomit did come in time, but then, it actually projected a little bit too well and it even ended up on the other sofa across the table. It wasn't really supposed to go that far.

After the play, our nerves were being tested again, while we were waiting for Maura by the stage door. Everytime, the door openened, we all jumped thinking it was Maura. Finally she did appear and, seeing so many fans at once, took her of guard at first. She didn't expect so many fans waiting for her. We all had a little talk, our pics taken with her, one by one, and she signed lots of stuff: DVD's, pictures, theatre tickets and my Maura bunny I got from my hubby.
She was extremely kind, patient, generous, funny and relaxed. Some of us were a bit more shy than others but she really made us feel at ease. She's such an amazing person.

After that we all went to the bar together, because we definitely needed a drink. She joined the other cast members and we of course had a lot to talk about. It felt so great being in the same bar as Maura Lachen

We all enjoyed this weekend so much because it was a dream come true for everyone. Personally I enjoyed meeting her even more this time, than when I met her in New York last year, as she was more relaxed and herself this time.

Check the album for lots of pics. And check again later, Ill be uploading more but I just can't get it all done in one day!

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