Maura quotes and conversations

These are the quotes and conversations I could remember so far (with some help of my friends). If I remember more, I'll post them later of course. Maura's words are in bold.


I asked her to sign the bunny with the Maura T-shirt I got from my hubby (see pics):
Sure, oh that's so cute, that's so nice of him.

We told her we were coming back on Saturday and asked her if we could take a group pic then, and she said: sure that's fine. And after the pics and signing stuff she went to the bar and said: See you tomorrow!

When it was my turn, I asked her: do you remember me?
Yeah you look familiar!
and then I told her about last year and she made a joke about the New Yorkers : I have to go back to New York where nobody gives you the time of day. They are rude, cranky, mean, not as nice as you are. (She said that with a gleam in her eyes)

She complimented us on our English which was very thoughtful and nice of her.


At the end of the play: we held up the letters that Rike made: M A U R A ♥ and she smiled at us, and she said: Oh god, that's so cute! and we could see her saying to Donna: I had no idea!

When everyone was taking pics: Which camera do we look at? Oh that one, the professionalYou are like paparazzi!Lachen

When I gave her my present: chocolate which looked like Belgian Euros, I said to her, 'I hope you like chocolate' Oh yeah I love it! and money  ...  That cracked her up Lachen (pic)

We all gave her our gifts and the flowers and she thanked us about 100 times, she's very humble: Oh wow, these are beautiful, you're too nice!

When Rachel gave her the program to sign, Maura saw this picture of her laughing: That's me having loads of fun.

In Ingrid's magazine, Maura wrote 'thanks for coming'. Ingrid said to her, no thank YOU for coming to europe!

Kizzy asked Maura if she'd do a play in the West End: Sure, I'd love to!

At some point Tanuki said to Maura: You're so beautiful and You are so stunning: Maura laughed and said Thank you. She looked very happy and took the compliment with ease.

When Tanuki wanted her to sign a picture in which Maura was smoking she said: Oh a cigarette, nasty habit. Tanuki asked if she quit smoking: Yes I did.

I asked her about her plans after this: I would love to do something with the Wooster Group again but it's hard to get in there, they are very selective!

When she was signing Stephen's  ER S15 DVD, she said Wow, Angela looks so beautiful!

When we took a group picture Maura said: we should go round there because its bigger or something like that, and then ran round the corner: Right in front of the coffee stand. Just before the pic was taken she said: There are enough of us to make a footbal team. Some of us screamed: Team Maura! (pic)

When Dianne asked her if she'd ever been to Holland, I asked her if she'd ever been to Belgium. She said: I've never been there before and I told her: well, then you should combine those 2, we're close to each other and we'd love to be your guide: Good idea!

She also said she hadn't been to many places in europe yet, just lots in America.

Stephen mentioned that she should go to Donegal: I have already been there, I love it. So he told her to look him up next time and she laughed: Sure!

After that we told her we were going to 'the church bar' (a bar that was a church once) oh that's good, You can drink and pray at the same time!

When she was taking the flowers and presents: I have to go put these in water and I need a bag for all those presents!

Then I asked her: Are you going back home soon? No no, I'm gonna stay here a little while longer and see some more of Ireland.

One of us said: you must think we're all crazy and apologized for overwhelming her like that. But she didn't seem to mind at all: Oh that's OK!

Later at the bar, Rike went over to Maura and told her she was scared she would never see her again because Maura would be back in New York soon: Well, you should come to New York then. Rike said: if my mom agrees. Maura laughed: Just take her with you!

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