march 25th

The day started really early for some of us. I had to be at the airport at 8AM.  After breakfast with hubby I went to my gate. Believe it or not, That damn beeper went off again so I got another full body masaage, just like last year Onbeslist

After a smooth flight I landed in Dublin at 11 AM. Ater a little while I managed to find Kizzy & Suzze who were waiting for me at the wrong terminal LOL.

It didn't take us long to find the 747 bus to take us to Dublin Center. We were very happy to hear that our room was already available so we could start unpacking immediately.

After a tasty chicken wrap we first went to the Gate theatre to pick up our tickets for tonight and tomorrow night.
Then we already took a short ride with the hop-on hop off bus and visited St. Patrick's cathedral and then walked back to the hotel.

The others should be arriving any minute now, and then we'll all be getting ready for our fist BIG night.

Keep you posted!

Pics will follow!

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