10 days - 10 hours - 10 minutes - 10 seconds Time to introduce you to my fellow Maura-fans Lachen

I'll start with my 2 internet friends I know best since we already met before:

Dianne -  Holland: As you can see, she's also very excited about our trip check out her Dublin video please!

Kizzy - England: She makes the coolest videos on You Tube

Rachel - Scotland:  Another dedicated You Tube vidder

Stephen - Northern Ireland: Dedicated ER fan and moderator on the ER Fan Forum ! And he'll be blogging too!

Rike - Germany: One of Maura's youngest fans !

Katelynn - Scotland: Another very young fan and Rachel's cousin.

Ingrid - Holland: What can I say, another Maura-addict

Tanuki - Germany

Suzze - Sweden: One of these days she'll be posting ER videos, she promised :)

and finally myself: Martine - Belgium MaurasNr1fan You might know me from YT where I have several Maura channels Lachen

As you can see, most of us are on Twitter so if you want to know what we'll be doing in Dublin you'd better follow us Lachen

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Yayyyyyy haha so funny to read!
Awh! And you're my best i-net friend too :D

And you also might know MaurasNr1fan from Twitter too, coz most of the times she's the first, the Nr1 with news teeheee ^__^

Posted by: Dianne | 03/14/2011

8 days, 12hours and 7minutes until I am on a plane to Dublin. Woohoo, can't wait to meet you all and ofcourse to meet MAURA!!! Gonna be the best weekend ever! (Oh and I promise to make more ER videos....soon. Have lots of ideas and a long list of songs that would be perfect for a few Luby videos). ;-)

Posted by: Susanne | 03/16/2011

Allright, I did bring her to the airport, the party can begin... the homeparty I mean !
I hope for all of you this will be a unforgettable trip !
Martine, take care for the bunny !

Posted by: Home alone | 03/25/2011

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