Dublin here we come !!!

Today is Maura's birthday so I thought it was the perfect day to start updating this blog again! And with the perfect opportunity!

I bet you already heard the news about Maura doing a play called 'God of Carnage' in Dublin. In fact the previews are starting tonight. The play will run till the end of March! And that's when I'll be there, together with 10 other crazy Maura fans from all over Europe Lachen

I first heard about this on January 9th. when I read this blog. After a few days, when I finally got confirmation about this, I still couldn't believe it: Maura doing a play in Europe Verrast

Ever since then, me and some other fans started making plans immediately.  We couldn't let a chance like this go by!

So, we're gonna be there in the final weekend of March: Hotel is booked, flights are booked, theatre tickets are booked.  Some of us are even going to see the play twice. Told you we were crazy!

All we can do now is count down.  March just can't be here soon enough !



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This is gonna be one of the best trips ever! March is lurking around the corner :-)

Posted by: Susanne | 02/19/2011

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