The End

Finally, we're starting to feel human again.  A 5-day trip to New York and one day in London is very exhausting.  But it was so worth it!

B.t.w. did I tell you about the difference between Kizzy's and my suitcase. Kizzy found this extremely funny.  I like to travel light Lachen
I added the pics to the 'Our Room' album if you want to see for yourself.

If you're interested in watching even more pics, I uploaded Kizzy's pics on the web-album and some pics of Paige. Here you can see all pics again.

I also added some stuff in the 'Meeting Maura' post (in red) and more info to the pics.

We also made a lot of video clips, and of course I'm gonna try to make a nice video of them. It will still take a while though, coz I'm going on another holiday in less than 2 weeks.

I'd like to thank everyone who's been following us all the time. It was really great to know everyone was so interested Lachen

If you ever plan on going to New York then don't forget to wave to the webcam Lachen

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March 16th. London

Thank God, no more security checks in London Lachen

First we went to St. Pancras Station to drop of our bags at the luggage storage. Then, around noon, we got something to eat because we hadn't even had breakfast yet and we were starving.

Believe it or not, we walked a lot again in London Lachen From Covent Garden to Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Parliament, London Eye. 

The weather was great: sunny and warm, London was crowded with tourists Stoer

Finally we had to get back to St. Pancras Station because I had to catch my Eurostar train at 6.35 PM. It wasn't easy saying goodbye, we were really sad our New York adventure had come to an end. We decided to do this again ... some day Tong uitsteken

Kizzy is addicted to shopping
Martine is addicted to taking pictures

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March 15th.

Our last day in New York started with packing our suitcases Wenkbrouw ophalen

On our final day we had to do some more 'present shopping'. I also wanted to find the 'News Radio' building to make some pics of it.

Of course we also had to get our coffee and hot chocolate at 'Starbucks'.

At 7 PM. our shuttle to the airport arrived. Once there, we had to wait quite a long time again, another chance to take some more pictures.

Our plane left right on time and after a 'terrible airplane dinner', it didn't take us long to fall asleep.  We hadn't been up that long when we heard the pilot announcing we started the descent to London Heathrow.

Our last day was about to start.

Kizzy was exhausted
Martine was exhausted

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March 14th. Meeting Maura again!

We went to Central Park this morning. Kizzy wanted to find the famous fountain at any cost so we searched for it for about an hour Lachen But meanwhile we had the chance to make some great pictures. We even saw a raccoon and there was also a very hungry squirle that came eating peanuts out of my hand, it was awfully cute.

We got back to the hotel, walking down Fifth Avenue, to get ready to go to the matinee of North atlantic again. We also met Kathy and Paige, 2 friends from 'The Dance We Do' forum. We sat all together in the front row and enjoyed the play. We took a picture of the 4 of us, my camera didn't really want to co-operate but it kinda looks like a special effect and I like it Lachen

Afterwards we all got to meet Maura and had pictures taken and collected autographs again.  She was really nice. She even said she remembered me from last time Tong uitsteken 

We all returned home very happy !

Kizzy never empties her plate
Martine always empties her plate

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March 13th.

Today was probably the wettest day in our lives. We had decided to go to Ground Zero. It was the first day we took the subway and we managed to get lost again. To cut a long story short, we finally did get there. After the visit to the memorial center, we also had some trouble finding the bus stop so we were getting soaked.

We also wanted to do the Radio City Hall today. Kizzy prefered to get dry first so we decided to split up. She went to the hotel and then went to buy new boots and I went to the 'Radio City Music Hall' coz I had to be there before 3pm. It was very impressive!

Around 4pm. we both got back to the hotel to try and get our clothes and boots to dry.

Thank God there's a restaurant at the hotel so we didn't have to go out to eat. After dinner we watched a Goran Visnjic movie on TV and then off to bed.

Kizzy + rain and wind becomes a completely different Kizzy Tong uitsteken
Martine walks really fast in bad weather

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Meeting Maura

So finally the lady said she was gonna ask Maura to come over. We had to wait in the foyer again. After 5 minutes she came to get us and took us back to the front of the stage, where several other cast members and people were still standing and talking. The lady went to Maura and told her about us. I saw Maura looking in my direction and I started shaking like hell.

She came over to kizzy and me with a questioning look on her face and said
'Hi, I don't believe I know you' .
'No you don't so allow me to introduce us: I'm Martine from Belgium and this is Kizzy from England and we came all the way here to see the play and to meet you.
'Wow, you've come a long way. Too bad the weather is so shitty' and then we shook hands.
'Yeah ... I was wondering if you would be so kind to sign these pictures'.
'Wow, so many? (I had brought 6 pictures)
'Let me explain: Last year on the Tubridy interview in Ireland you remember you mentioned the luby apppreciation society? 'Oh yeah, yeah' Well we are members of that, and as soon as the other fans heard we were coming, some of them asked me to have their pictures signed too. 'Oh, right right'
While I was explaining all that, I was trying to get the picture out of the my bag, but I was so damn nervous, I dropped the pictures and Kizzy picked them back up.

So Maura signed them all very quickly coz she was kinda in a rush. Kizzy didn't even give her own picture to be signed, I think she was a bit embarrased :P

Finally we got our own pics taken by that other lady and I don't know why but I even asked her to take another one. Maura probably thinks I was the most annoying fan she ever met :-[

After we both relaxed a bit, we went out and saw Maura again talking to some other fans. They were mentioning something about her cast last time on 'Three Changes'. They also asked how she was doing now and she said 'I'm hanging in there'.
I'm not sure what's the best way of trying to meet her. The other fans had just been waiting for her outside the door on the 3rd. level.

Anyway, I got what I came for, and will never forget this day :)


Maura & Me YT modified

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March 12th.

Today, it started raining but we still had to see 'the Statue of Liberty'. It was a rather short visit, but it was fun taking the pictures Lachen

We got back to the hotel in time so we could get ready for the big evening!

Before the play we had a candlelit dinner at the hotel restaurant: a pizza that we stuffed down our throats as fast as we could ;D

It was only a 5 minute walk to the theater, the weather was getting bad though. All our efforts of the past 2 hours to look good were kinda messed up :P

Anyway, we were the first (7 pm) there so it was worth all the hurying. We got in and had to get to floor 3B to pick up our tickets. Then we went down to floor 3 were we had to wait about half an hour before the doors opened. I don't know about Kizzy but I was starting to get problems in the lower belly :-/

Finally we got in the lobby (7.30 pm). I wanted to find out if there was a possibility to meet the actors afterwards so I went to one of the theater people to find out. My world kinda fell apart when he told me it wasn't the habit in New York.

At 7.45 pm we finally got in the theater, we were in the front row of course. It were the longest 15 minutes in my life before it started :-/

Maura was standing right in front of us, only 2 meters away when we were applauding, wich convinced me even more I had to to do something if I wanted to meet her.

So I went to the stage door and asked one of the assistents if it was possible to meet the actors, more particularly Maura ...
The lady didn't seem to be convinced so I continued like: we're 2 Maura fans, we came all the way from Europe to meet her, bla bla bla...

Finally we got to meet Maura !!! ...

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March 11th.

Last night Kizzy slept like a baby, me however, I kept waking up all the time. My biological clock obviously didn't adjust yet. So we got up early and got to do a lot of things.

We checked out Time Square by day and night, we went up to 'the top of the rock' and 'Empire State Building', we saw the NBC studios and visited 'Madame Tussaud' where we had a lot of fun! In between all this, we managed to get lost a few times. Like they say, it takes a real New Yorker to find your way around New York!

Facts about each other:
Kizzy sleeps with her cellphone
Martine is constantly misplacing her stuff


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March 10th.

Here's the first big update on our NY adventure, after all it was a very long day. We even set a new record: We've been up for over 24 hours Verstomd

After breakfast with hubby at the Brussel central trainstation, I took the Eurostar to London St. Pancras. Thank God he was right on schedule, I was really scared I would miss Kizzy if the train would be delayed.

So far so good, now all we had to do was find each other. I was very relieved when I saw her standing there, waiting for me Lachen

Next we took the tube to Heathrow. The train was really packed as it was rush hour. I think I annoyed the guy who was standing behind me pretty much. At the first start of the train, I slightly fell against him and I'm afraid I also stepped on his toes a few timesTong uitsteken

About an hour later we arrived at Heathrow. The usual stuff: checking in, checking out the huge airport and then the first safety control where I was so "lucky" to get a first free full body massage by the security officer, who, ufortunately, didn't look Goran Visnjic at all Wenkbrouw ophalen

After a bacon roll and tea we went to our boarding gate 34. Second security control, where I had to take of my boots again and got another free massage. Kizzy had a lot of fun, she had just told me how she hated security control, I wonder why Onbeslist I guess I must really look like a criminal.

Finally we took off. It was a real smooth flight. Unfortunately no Maura-movies available but we saw 'The Blind site', 'This is it' and 'The Good Wife' on our own little private tv screen.

Passport control at JFK took ages but thank God without massages.  We took a shuttle bus to our hotel and we even got a free sightseeing tour at the same time.  We were very glad to get to the hotel though. Our room is very spacious and the beds are really soft.  We realised it was opening night of 'North Atlantic' but we really were too exhausted to do anything anymore.  But we might also go to the play tomorrow. we'll keep you informed Knipogen

Facts we learned about each other today:
Kizzy goes to the bathroom about every hour
Martine looks like a criminal

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This is it !

Kizzy and I started counting down the hours now Lachen

Finished packing today, and we've been chatting with the webcam to make sure we recognise each other when I arrive in London, where we'll meet for the first time !

I also hope we have a smooth flight.  Kizzy flew this long before but I never did and I'm terrified of flying Schamen I hope they play some good movie to take my mind of things, maybe one with Maura


If you check the weather forecast, it looks like we might need an umbrella in New York... who cares Lachen

Thanks to everyone who sent us a message to wish us a good trip.  It's really nice to know that so many people are thinking of us.

This is the last update I'll post when I'm still home. Gonna get to bed early now.  See ya !

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Counting down

God, It's really coming closer now, 4 more days till the big day and the start of what might become some of the most important days in our lives.

Kizzy and I have been chatting a lot lately.  In fact she just gave me some great news: She'll be taking her dad's laptop !!! 
That means we can update our blog day by day, and maybe even upload pictures and stay in contact with the home front, to use 'North Atlantic' terms ! Tong uitsteken

5...4...3...2...1...  Lachen

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