March 16th. London

Thank God, no more security checks in London Lachen

First we went to St. Pancras Station to drop of our bags at the luggage storage. Then, around noon, we got something to eat because we hadn't even had breakfast yet and we were starving.

Believe it or not, we walked a lot again in London Lachen From Covent Garden to Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Parliament, London Eye. 

The weather was great: sunny and warm, London was crowded with tourists Stoer

Finally we had to get back to St. Pancras Station because I had to catch my Eurostar train at 6.35 PM. It wasn't easy saying goodbye, we were really sad our New York adventure had come to an end. We decided to do this again ... some day Tong uitsteken

Kizzy is addicted to shopping
Martine is addicted to taking pictures

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