March 14th. Meeting Maura again!

We went to Central Park this morning. Kizzy wanted to find the famous fountain at any cost so we searched for it for about an hour Lachen But meanwhile we had the chance to make some great pictures. We even saw a raccoon and there was also a very hungry squirle that came eating peanuts out of my hand, it was awfully cute.

We got back to the hotel, walking down Fifth Avenue, to get ready to go to the matinee of North atlantic again. We also met Kathy and Paige, 2 friends from 'The Dance We Do' forum. We sat all together in the front row and enjoyed the play. We took a picture of the 4 of us, my camera didn't really want to co-operate but it kinda looks like a special effect and I like it Lachen

Afterwards we all got to meet Maura and had pictures taken and collected autographs again.  She was really nice. She even said she remembered me from last time Tong uitsteken 

We all returned home very happy !

Kizzy never empties her plate
Martine always empties her plate

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home Honey, you can come home. I finished the painting and Babousjka, the Russian babysitter is back to Moscow.

Love you !

Posted by: daddy | 03/15/2010

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