Meeting Maura

So finally the lady said she was gonna ask Maura to come over. We had to wait in the foyer again. After 5 minutes she came to get us and took us back to the front of the stage, where several other cast members and people were still standing and talking. The lady went to Maura and told her about us. I saw Maura looking in my direction and I started shaking like hell.

She came over to kizzy and me with a questioning look on her face and said
'Hi, I don't believe I know you' .
'No you don't so allow me to introduce us: I'm Martine from Belgium and this is Kizzy from England and we came all the way here to see the play and to meet you.
'Wow, you've come a long way. Too bad the weather is so shitty' and then we shook hands.
'Yeah ... I was wondering if you would be so kind to sign these pictures'.
'Wow, so many? (I had brought 6 pictures)
'Let me explain: Last year on the Tubridy interview in Ireland you remember you mentioned the luby apppreciation society? 'Oh yeah, yeah' Well we are members of that, and as soon as the other fans heard we were coming, some of them asked me to have their pictures signed too. 'Oh, right right'
While I was explaining all that, I was trying to get the picture out of the my bag, but I was so damn nervous, I dropped the pictures and Kizzy picked them back up.

So Maura signed them all very quickly coz she was kinda in a rush. Kizzy didn't even give her own picture to be signed, I think she was a bit embarrased :P

Finally we got our own pics taken by that other lady and I don't know why but I even asked her to take another one. Maura probably thinks I was the most annoying fan she ever met :-[

After we both relaxed a bit, we went out and saw Maura again talking to some other fans. They were mentioning something about her cast last time on 'Three Changes'. They also asked how she was doing now and she said 'I'm hanging in there'.
I'm not sure what's the best way of trying to meet her. The other fans had just been waiting for her outside the door on the 3rd. level.

Anyway, I got what I came for, and will never forget this day :)


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martine, kizzy, i'm SO happy for you. so..she signed all that stuff??? you mean..mine too???? :):)

Posted by: Rikeeeeeee | 03/14/2010

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