March 13th.

Today was probably the wettest day in our lives. We had decided to go to Ground Zero. It was the first day we took the subway and we managed to get lost again. To cut a long story short, we finally did get there. After the visit to the memorial center, we also had some trouble finding the bus stop so we were getting soaked.

We also wanted to do the Radio City Hall today. Kizzy prefered to get dry first so we decided to split up. She went to the hotel and then went to buy new boots and I went to the 'Radio City Music Hall' coz I had to be there before 3pm. It was very impressive!

Around 4pm. we both got back to the hotel to try and get our clothes and boots to dry.

Thank God there's a restaurant at the hotel so we didn't have to go out to eat. After dinner we watched a Goran Visnjic movie on TV and then off to bed.

Kizzy + rain and wind becomes a completely different Kizzy Tong uitsteken
Martine walks really fast in bad weather

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