March 12th.

Today, it started raining but we still had to see 'the Statue of Liberty'. It was a rather short visit, but it was fun taking the pictures Lachen

We got back to the hotel in time so we could get ready for the big evening!

Before the play we had a candlelit dinner at the hotel restaurant: a pizza that we stuffed down our throats as fast as we could ;D

It was only a 5 minute walk to the theater, the weather was getting bad though. All our efforts of the past 2 hours to look good were kinda messed up :P

Anyway, we were the first (7 pm) there so it was worth all the hurying. We got in and had to get to floor 3B to pick up our tickets. Then we went down to floor 3 were we had to wait about half an hour before the doors opened. I don't know about Kizzy but I was starting to get problems in the lower belly :-/

Finally we got in the lobby (7.30 pm). I wanted to find out if there was a possibility to meet the actors afterwards so I went to one of the theater people to find out. My world kinda fell apart when he told me it wasn't the habit in New York.

At 7.45 pm we finally got in the theater, we were in the front row of course. It were the longest 15 minutes in my life before it started :-/

Maura was standing right in front of us, only 2 meters away when we were applauding, wich convinced me even more I had to to do something if I wanted to meet her.

So I went to the stage door and asked one of the assistents if it was possible to meet the actors, more particularly Maura ...
The lady didn't seem to be convinced so I continued like: we're 2 Maura fans, we came all the way from Europe to meet her, bla bla bla...

Finally we got to meet Maura !!! ...

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A dream came true !
I'm happy for both of you.


Posted by: the painter | 03/13/2010

AW! I'm so excited
I'm so excited
I'm so excited
and i'm so happy for you! i kept my fingers crossed for you the whole day ;) you made my birthday the best since..i dunno..ever!? even if i wasnt in NY myself actually..the photo made my day, and knowing you were there and talked to her..wow. thankyou!

love love love
from germany ;)

Posted by: Rikeeeeeee | 03/13/2010

Oh...I am SO excited for you!!!!! You ALL look so good in those pictures. And you are obviously having a great time. : )

Posted by: Larue (lyn) | 03/13/2010

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