March 11th.

Last night Kizzy slept like a baby, me however, I kept waking up all the time. My biological clock obviously didn't adjust yet. So we got up early and got to do a lot of things.

We checked out Time Square by day and night, we went up to 'the top of the rock' and 'Empire State Building', we saw the NBC studios and visited 'Madame Tussaud' where we had a lot of fun! In between all this, we managed to get lost a few times. Like they say, it takes a real New Yorker to find your way around New York!

Facts about each other:
Kizzy sleeps with her cellphone
Martine is constantly misplacing her stuff


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I am glad you guys are having a good time! I saw the pics on kizzy's facebook, great shots, seem that you both are getting on well.

I sleep with my cell phone, under the pillow, only cos it is a realiable alarm clock in the mornings! lol!

I hope you both have a good time tonight at the play and good luck in meeting Maura! xxx

Posted by: Allie | 03/12/2010

I love the daily facts, LOL. Sounds like you guys are having fun and the Facebook pics were fantastic! Fingers crossed for you tonight!!!!

Posted by: Tara | 03/13/2010

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