March 10th.

Here's the first big update on our NY adventure, after all it was a very long day. We even set a new record: We've been up for over 24 hours Verstomd

After breakfast with hubby at the Brussel central trainstation, I took the Eurostar to London St. Pancras. Thank God he was right on schedule, I was really scared I would miss Kizzy if the train would be delayed.

So far so good, now all we had to do was find each other. I was very relieved when I saw her standing there, waiting for me Lachen

Next we took the tube to Heathrow. The train was really packed as it was rush hour. I think I annoyed the guy who was standing behind me pretty much. At the first start of the train, I slightly fell against him and I'm afraid I also stepped on his toes a few timesTong uitsteken

About an hour later we arrived at Heathrow. The usual stuff: checking in, checking out the huge airport and then the first safety control where I was so "lucky" to get a first free full body massage by the security officer, who, ufortunately, didn't look Goran Visnjic at all Wenkbrouw ophalen

After a bacon roll and tea we went to our boarding gate 34. Second security control, where I had to take of my boots again and got another free massage. Kizzy had a lot of fun, she had just told me how she hated security control, I wonder why Onbeslist I guess I must really look like a criminal.

Finally we took off. It was a real smooth flight. Unfortunately no Maura-movies available but we saw 'The Blind site', 'This is it' and 'The Good Wife' on our own little private tv screen.

Passport control at JFK took ages but thank God without massages.  We took a shuttle bus to our hotel and we even got a free sightseeing tour at the same time.  We were very glad to get to the hotel though. Our room is very spacious and the beds are really soft.  We realised it was opening night of 'North Atlantic' but we really were too exhausted to do anything anymore.  But we might also go to the play tomorrow. we'll keep you informed Knipogen

Facts we learned about each other today:
Kizzy goes to the bathroom about every hour
Martine looks like a criminal

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Goodmurnin' ladies!
OMG haha
Now I know why your face looked so familiar Martine, I think I saw you on the news about a robbery ;P
Glad to hear you both got safely landed in the USA!!
I can imagine that you were exhausted by being up for more than 24 hours :-o

Well wish you 2 a very nice day today and have fun and
a lot of "sight seeing" :D
I'm going to sleep now

Posted by: Dianne | 03/12/2010

So happy you got there safely! Enjoy the play :)

Posted by: Stephen | 03/12/2010

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