This is it !

Kizzy and I started counting down the hours now Lachen

Finished packing today, and we've been chatting with the webcam to make sure we recognise each other when I arrive in London, where we'll meet for the first time !

I also hope we have a smooth flight.  Kizzy flew this long before but I never did and I'm terrified of flying Schamen I hope they play some good movie to take my mind of things, maybe one with Maura


If you check the weather forecast, it looks like we might need an umbrella in New York... who cares Lachen

Thanks to everyone who sent us a message to wish us a good trip.  It's really nice to know that so many people are thinking of us.

This is the last update I'll post when I'm still home. Gonna get to bed early now.  See ya !

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SO excited for you guys! We'll be checking in everyday to hear all the details! Be safe and have fun!!

Posted by: Tara | 03/10/2010

I heard one hour ago that they find eachother at St-Pancras, first mission acomplished !!
Martine got a free full-naked-body-check (ore something like that), they tought that she was a terrorist, I can not blame thim...... :)
She told me that Kizzy was a very nice person, I hope that Kizzy thinks the same about her..... ;o) Kizzy, please bring her back home in the same condition she left me this morning ,because despite she let me in the lurch with my 2 kids, my dog and rabbit, I do still love her ! Have a great time ! (I'm sorry for my poor English, my Chinees is a lot better) H.

Posted by: H | 03/10/2010

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