How it all started

A few weeks ago, hubby gave me green light to go to New York to see Maura Tierney in the play 'North Atlantic'

I didn't feel like going all by myself though, so I tried to find a fellow Maura fan who wanted to go to NY with me.  After a few weeks I found Christabelle,  who is also a member at my favorite lubyforum 'The Dance We Do' and she was very glad she could go.

After deciding we would go from the 10th. till the 15th of March, we started searching for a flight and hotel.  We'll be staying at the Comfort Inn Manhattan which is very close to the theatre and to everything that's worth seeing in NY.

Ever since, we've been preparing a lot: already picked up my brandnew travel passport, the flights are booked, my Eurostar tickets for London are printed, the tickets for 'North Atlantic' will be waiting for us at the theatre on the 12th. 

In exactly 3 weeks the New York adventure begins! This is all very exciting and the only disadvantage of it is that I've been sleeping very bad for the past month. Verrast

God I wish it was March 10th. already!


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Ohhh Martine, ik vind het zo gaaf!
Laat me weten via welke vluchthaven je gaat, dan kruip ik snel in je koffer! :D
Ik ga je blog cker bijhouden!!

Posted by: Dianne | 02/18/2010

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